The Book Dispersed (2017)

group exhibition by Unstable Media 

This international group show curated by Unstable Media established a space for practitioners to come together, read, think, and discuss aspects of contemporary visual culture, i.e., the rich and diverse methods found in books produced by artists. In the 1960´s and 1970´s artists’ books came to be seen as an alternative, democratic platform largely free from commercial and/or institutional control, which could be accessed in the private sphere. With the rapid development of digital technology and the consequent rise of the internet one might have expected the book to have become less relevant as an artistic medium, yet this has not come to pass. That digital technology has made it easier and less costly for artists to produce and distribute their work worldwide is certainly a contributing factor, but given its creative potential, couldn’t the artists’ book also provide a format that not only challenges exhibition norms, but actually expands its horizons?

Unstable Media was founded in 2015 by Ana Carvalho, Margarida Carvalho, Sofia Ponte and paula roush. It is dedicated to the organization of art exhibitions related to digital media, editing, performance, and participation that comment on the complexity of the contemporary moment.

Participants: Beatriz Albuquerque, Patrícia Almeida & David-Alexandre Guéniot, Ana Alvim, Isabel Baraona, Ricardo Basbaum, Stanislav Brisa, Jessica Brouder, Catarina F. Cardoso, Isabel Carvalho, Paulo Catrica, Julie Cook, Ana Efe, Os Espacialistas, Inês M. Ferreira, Ana Fonseca, Lara Gonzalez, Dejan Habicht, Michael Hampton, Teresa Huertas, Andrea Inocêncio, Calum F. Kerr, Sharon Kivland, Tanja Lažetić, Catarina Leitão, Ana Madureira, Fernando Marante, Daniela de Moraes, Eugénia Mussa, Eva-Maria Offermann, Andreia Alves de Oliveira, José Oliveira, Susana Paiva, Tadej Pogacar, Pedro Proença, Carla Rebelo, Eduardo Sousa Ribeiro, Mireille Ribière, Sara Rocio, Ana João Romana & Susana Anágua, Paula Roush, Ana Santos, Manuela São Simão, Kim Svensson, Filipa Valladares & Maria do Mar Fazenda, Francisco Varela, Rodrigo Vilhena, Emmanuelle Waeckerle and Gillian Wylde.

It took place between September 23rd and October 28th 2017 at Casa das Artes and Sput&nik The Window, Porto, Portugal.

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