Paradise in Pieces (2004)

w/ Inês Ponte and Joana Mourão

Performative manifesto about the state of Public Art in Portugal.

Excerpt of our manifesto: “We walked around Costa da Caparica, inspecting potential spaces and potential forms that would materialise our vision of the complex relationships between the city and the beach. We stabilised in front of the towers. The famous towers of Costa da Caparica: four 12-storey buildings, about 30 metres high, separated from the beach by the natural dune that runs along much of the coast. The platforms between the towers, where pools that remain empty were installed, destroyed any possible relationship between the territory to the west – the beach – and to the east – the town – thus defining an impassable wall. The town was turned with its back to the sea and to the beach. The fishermen’s quarter was sealed off from contact with the sea by the priority given to seasonal accommodation for tourists, which today is clearly underused.”

Text, photographs and video.

#Artists Working Together#Public Art#Socially Engaged Art