O Tripeiro (2022)

I was invited by Francisco Laranjo (1955-2022) to do a cover for the century-old magazine O Tripeiro, published by the Comercial Association of Porto, in Portugal. I decided to do a screenshot that includes my website. Bellow a text that helps contextualise my choice for this cover, published in the same issue:

Screenshot of sofiaponte.net, marianarosa.com, headlesswomeninpublic.art, yugahatta.com, quandoeugritoquemmeouve.art,
gustavoromeiro.com.br, auroradoscampos.com
and clairesivier.com on the 2022-08-30 at 13.19.07
for the cover of the September issue of 2022 of O Tripeiro

With the popularisation of the World Wide Web in the 1990s, some artists began to distance themselves from traditional modes of creation by working with this apparently more democratic channel of communication as a means of artistic experimentation and affirmation of autonomy, but also as a way to critical reflect on current affairs. Presently, for some artists, cyberspace is an opportunity for creative experimentation, for structured dissemination of their activities without intermediaries, to keep contact up to date, or to prevent abuses of their copyright, but not only. Although the .com domain prevails, aimed mainly at commercial activities, there are increasing records of other types of more ambiguous initiatives, designated as .com, .net, .art, as well as .pt, or .org, for instance. It is in this context that the screenshot presented on the cover of O Tripeiro appears, a reflection of the l’air du temps, of art and of some current art practices.

A screenshot is an image of data displayed on a computer screen, mobile device or game console. The way content appears on a screen depends mainly on the electronic device, the operating system and the version of one’s browser. A screenshot can therefore be useful when one needs to show something that would otherwise be difficult to explain in words, for example reporting an error. By using a screenshot there is less chance of being misunderstood. A screenshot is generally used to record exactly what one is seeing on a screen in order to share with others, have as a reference, archive a web page before an update, or document a moment of a video game competition. The data gathered in this screenshot refers to artists and designers responsible for projects of various kinds. All have in common links, past or present, to the School of Fine Arts of the University of Porto and the city of Porto, and their online presence mirrors their physical presence in the world.

Artist, assistant professor and researcher.

Designer and programmer whose work often explores how design and coding practices relate to each other. She is the author of the website sofiaponte.net.

Art project by architect and artist Mariana Morais, mapping representations of women in public art in several cities, including the city of Porto.

Is an artist whose work speculates on the differences and similarities between artistic and non-artistic concepts.

Art project by architect and artist Izabel Rosa, about the perception of freedom from the point of view of women in public space in Portugal, but not only.

Is a designer and artist who develops projects that mix the categories of art and design.

Is a set designer and artist who has been developing hybrid projects that explore relationships between spatiality and dramaturgy.

Is a cultural producer with artistic activity that has contributed to the development of participatory projects focused on marginalized communities.