I was one hour quiet and one hour silent (2001)

Site-specific audio-visual installation at Gás Rápido warehouse, Porto.

I experiment with the concept of sculptural production beyond its most obvious materiality. At the time, this warehouse had several orange gas canisters stored in metal structures placed in an open space surrounded by trees, wind, birds and a creek. I created a soundtrack combining sounds of gas leaking and burning gas in a repetitive minimalist way. This sound could be accessed through three audio stations placed along the main metal structure. In this circumstances visitors were invited to experiment samples of the concept of “natural” and of the concept of “artificial”.
The artwork explores the tension between a seemingly harmless landscape, such as the one physically surrounding this warehouse, and the invisible contained gas ready and waiting for an opportunity to burn.

7’11’’ sound loop.

Documentation of this artwork was included at:
Belas Artes em Erasmus, group exhibition curated by José Carlos Teixeira and Cristina Regadas at Galeria Municipal, Biblioteca Almeida Garrett, Porto, 2002.

#Sound art #Site-specific #Sculpture