Femanoids (2022)

This is a series of mix-media drawings that speculates about identity stereotypes and cultural pressures women face daily. Femanoid aims to contribute to the debate of how the concept of gender has been changing and, more recently, has been subject to such intense controversy. It is also a nonsense name that makes me think about the sometimes redundant meaning-making processes that categorise women’s look, ideas, behaviours and interests.


In 2022, I was invited by Francisco Laranjo to do a cover for the century-old magazine O Tripeiro, published by the Comercial Association of Porto, in Portugal. I decided to do a screenshot of my website. Bellow an excerpt of the text that helps contextualise the cover image included in the printed version of September’s issue:

“A screenshot is an image of data displayed on a computer screen, mobile device or game console. The way content appears on a screen depends mainly on the electronic device, the operating system and the version of one’s browser. A screenshot can therefore be useful when one needs to show something that would otherwise be difficult to explain in words, for example reporting an error. By using a screenshot there is less chance of being misunderstood. A screenshot is generally used to record exactly what one is seeing on a screen in order to share with others, have as a reference, archive a web page before an update, or document a moment of a video game competition. The data gathered in this screenshot refers to artists and designers responsible for projects of various kinds. All have in common links, past or present, to the School of Fine Arts of the University of Porto and the city of Porto, and their online presence mirrors their physical presence in the world.”