Daydreaming in Public (2009)

w/ Tiago Pereira

Daydreaming in Public is a short-film that brings an insight to art boundaries and artists’ participation in contemporary society. It combines the work of artist Sofia Ponte with Tiago Pereira visualist practice. The authors reflect on the role of art in understanding the specific conditions of the emerging 21st century city.

vídeo, color, sound, 9’10’’
Portuguese and English
Subtitles in English

Nominated for the award Films About Art – Festival Temps D’Images in 2009.


Screened at:
Daydreaming Devices in Exhibition, December 2016, School of Fine Arts of the University of Porto
5 1/2 Proposals to Work and Live in the Current Millennium, March 2014, Dutch Art Institute, Arnhem, The Netherlands
Between Document & Fiction 2, March 2013, Marquee Theater, Madison, USA
Between Document & Fiction, 2011, Cinema Passos Manuel, Porto
Filmfest Dresden – International Short Film, 2010, Dresden, Germany
Festival Temps D’Images, October 2009, Centro Cultural de Belém, Lisbon
Arminda Exhibition, 2009, Goethe Institute-Portugal, Lisbon

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